Thank you for visiting the Power Enterprise booth
at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009.
600HP(as of now) R35GTR heading back to its
home base in Fuji-city from Tokyo Auto Salon

Power Enterprise's R35 GTR (QUAD-Charger) was awarded the
"The Best 
Modified Car Of The Year"
by Tokyo Auto Salon 2009



Power Enterprise proudly displayed an R35 GTR, Toyota IQ and
Nissan Silvia S15 with Rotrex Super Chargers.

   Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Award Ceremony

The "Best Modified Car Award" is selected by public voting through Tokyo Auto Salon web-site and official judges based on the conditions of the car have to be maintained the street legal status and the modification must be original and innovative. Also its engineering effort potentially should influence and contributes to the tuning industry as well as to the auto manufacturing industry.

Photo: OPTION Magazine News Special Dec. 08

Nissan R35GTR, VR38DETT, Power Enterprise QUAD-charger system (Stock IHI Twin turbo & Twin Rotrex C30-94 Super Charger: 400ps x2 flow rate, at down stream of intake) as displayed at 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon. The system is designed for 700HP (670+WHP) with huge low to mid-range torque gain benefiting road course and time attack racers. This kit includes, Titanium Exhaust System - highest grade titanium available for automotive market (main pipe 89mm and dual-twin 70mm outlet), reinforced hose & T-bolt kit, and P-MAP (Newly developed piggy-back/Sub-ECU) pre-programmed and programmable to re-calibrate fuel (Air Flow less "D-Jetronics" w/ self learning), IG timing, boost, speed & rev limiter, Additional injectors, Launch control, nitrous and more. The QUAD-charger kit will be tested and tuned to perfection at several of race courses prior to the anticipated release date of April to May 2009. Dyno sheets based upon several courses will be provided for tuners base mapping.

R35GTR 560HP kit
(A combination of P-MAP ECU, Air Intake & Hose Kit)
$ TBA - Products are already tested and ready for sale!
R35GTR 600HP kit
(A combination of P-MAP ECU, Air Intake, Hose Kit, Titanium Exhaust System & Actuator Up-Grade)

$ TBA - Products are already tested and ready for sale!

Nissan S15 Silvia Twin Charger w/ Rotrex C30-94 & PE1420 turbo. P-MAP ECU, SH850cc injector, 1.5mm thick Power Enterprise Head Gasket, 255L/H fuel pump, Equal length stainless exhaust manifold, PE Radiator, PE Air intake system, 2-way LSD and more.

Toyota IQ w/ Rotrex super charger and P-MAP (Newly developed ECU work w/stock ECU) . The highly efficient gas-mileage "Toyota IQ" with Rotrex charger generates more power and torque with much better gas-mileage.  High "IQ" meets Brawn

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What makes the ROTREX Super Chargers better than any other super charger in the market?

1) Patented Traction Drive
(No toothed-gears are used, means much less heat generated and much quieter than conventional super chargers).
2) Centrifugal Compressor, speeds up to 250,000rpm (Same as turbo, except it works from much lower RPM to high as turbo's power band)
3) Higher efficiency, much higher adiabatic efficiency compared to any other super charger and power drain is less than to rotate a waterpump.
4) C
ompactness, Reliability and Silent operation (there is no metal to metal gear contact in the mechanism).
5) Applying the extremely efficient Rotrex supercharger technology actually increases Gas Mileage, especially at freeway cruising speeds."

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    New Facility

Power Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Moved into own New Facility in 2007)
43 Aoshima Fuji-shi Shizuoka-ken Japan 417-0047
Phone:0545-52-0123 (Main)

R&D Facility
Recommended Installation Facilities For Toyota MRS in the USA
Special thanks to Robert and crew at MVP Motorsports Inc.

The dyno graph left shows:

Stock power of 123.95 WHP
With PE Turbo 192.06 WHP
+68.11 wheel HP gain and
+46.95 ft/lb of torque increase
on a stock 2004 MRS Toyota 1ZZFE engine with 91 octane gas. Robert and his crew at MVP installed the Power Enterprise PE1215 IHI ball-bearing turbo kit on the car with impressive results.

Robert@MVP Motorsports for
related inquires.
Phone: 940 683 8282

Power Enterprise's best recommended tuning/installation facility in TEXAS USA.
With a remarkable gain at 3000 rpm, MVP Motorsports was able to achieve an astonishing 28ft/lb of torque and 20hp at the wheel increase as shown on the graph. This translates to a light weight vehicle with enough pick up to give even a Porsche a good run for its money on a tight turn race track. The power increase can be equivalent to the downshifting acceleration of one and a half lower gears, also due to higher volumetric efficiency, on a cruising speed on highway, MPG should have greatly increased.

Robert at MVP Motorsports also suggested to keep the knock sensor plugged in as stock, but just modify the wiring on the two O2 sensors pin#21(primal O2 sensor input) and pin#12 (Secondary O2 sensor input) at ECU unit as shown on the diagram left, disabling the primal O2 sensor input wire to the pin#21.
Power Enterprise supports ST. Garage's Lexus at the WDS Shanghai 2008


Power Enterprise Sponsored D1 Machine
Driver: Hiroshi Fukuda

Magazine Articles:    Enterprising Evo - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
Turbo & High-Tech Magazine, November 2006
  Power Enterprise's array of Evo hard parts is well known in Japan, and for this project the company went at it full bore. A stroker kit that pushes displacement to 2.2 liters gets the party started. The centerpiece of the kit is a forged 94mm crankshaft that spins stout H-beam connecting rods and Power Enterprise-spec 86mm pistons forged from A4032-T7 alloy. The stroker kit requires a head gasket change and boost static compression jumps from 8.8:1 to 9.0:1. To keep pace with the additional air being channeled into the 4G63 the fuel system was fortified in the three key areas - pump, injector and regulator. A Power Enterprise 255-lph pump supplies four 1000cc Power Enterprise TL injectors via a Power Enterprise FPR system. This super-sized short block is topped with a Power Enterprise-infested cylinder head. Power Enterprise RS Spec valves and retainers are joined by Power Enterprise Race Spec 264-degree camshafts. A Power Enterprise Heavy Metal gasket seals the deal, which is no easy chore considering the aggressive turbo upgrade unleashed on the 4G63.A Power Enterprise RX6-R F1 turbo is tasked with generating Fujita-scale winds inside the I/C piping. The RX6-R F1 can be configured with four compressor housing possibilities and six different exhaust housing A/Rs to fine tune boost flow against spool-up characteristics. A trick stainless steel turbo header secures the RX6-R while a Power Enterprise front-mount inter cooler chills the intake charge prior to combustion chamber duties. Post combustion, all spent gases are evacuated via a Power Enterprise Full Race cat-back system that terminates with a trick 90mm titanium muffler canister and a heat-cycled tip. Tuning is addressed with a Power Enterprise-tuned ECU and output is reportedly "560ps and climbing."  more,,, Turbo & High-Tech Magazine, November 2006

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